Gerber Baby Contest is Over!

Well... at least for now. The Gerber baby photo contest usually start sometimes in the fall and winners will be announces in the beginning of the year. Learn more

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“If Baby Contest Is In Your Mind Then You Must Be Thinking You Have The Cutest Baby.”

Well, we don’t blame you for thinking that way about your baby. As a matter of fact, we are expecting you to think and feel that your baby is the cutest and most adorable in planet earth. If you’re not feeling that way then it could be a problem.

For the last couple of months that little baby is still kicking in your tummy, you can’t go to sleep feeling so excited about his or her coming. All you do all day is trying to picture out how she might looks like, you or your baby’s father. And now, look at that baby in your arms. You can finally feel her warmth for the longest waiting period is over. You can now see how adorable she turned out to be.

Everybody says that babies are the most wonderful creatures ever made. No one can resist a baby’s smile and laugh. Even as simple as a photograph of their little tiny hands and feet makes you giggle already. They give out that breathtaking innocence in their eyes.

Did someone told you, you got a “Gerber baby“? Other words, you have the cutest baby they ever saw. You get these complements everywhere you go. So now your head got big, not your baby’s but yours. That is perfectly okay. Not a bad thing. All it means is that you’re a proud parent. And now, you want to find a baby contest or contests to enter your baby.

Entering your baby in baby contests is an awesome idea. Think of all the advantages and benefits beside satisfying “your wants” to show off your baby. Oops, we meant you’re proud of your baby. (^_~)

I bet you’re thinking and saying to yourself “How cute is your little one?” And you want the whole world to see him as him is so adorable.”

Baby contests and competitions are super fun but can be very competitive too. Especially true for baby and kid pageants, sometimes could even get dangerous like the case of beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. And it could get too crazy wild that the French attempts to ban. CNN reported this.

Baby contests should and always remain fun and innocent.

Regardless of what’s in the media, we still think that baby contests and pageants are fun and adorable. It’s only a small number that spoiled it for the rest. Don’t let it discouraged you from having fun and pursuing your baby in the path of modeling or in the entertainment industry. There are many great advantages beside the cash prizes that could possibly be your child all paid for college fund.

Different Type of Contests

There are so many baby contests out there, some you can not even imagine. We even came across a contest for the ugliest baby. Who in the world would enter their babies? We share with you a few general and very realistic baby contests so you can start looking for them and enter your baby.

Baby Photo Contests

These type of baby contests are usually the easiest to enter and majority of the times are free of fees. They often offers winners college funds and cash prizes, modeling career, even TV commercial contracts. Perhaps, the most familiar one and you are most likely heard of is Gerber baby contest. These are photo contests which mean all you have to do is submit you baby’s photo. And each contest have it’s own requirements and details so be sure to read them all.

Name Brand Baby Contests

We called it name brand contests because these contests usually sponsored or ran by name brand companies like Gap, Johnson’s Johnson’s, Gerber, Huggies, and etc. Contests like these are more well known because the companies been around a lot longer and more trusted by customers and consumers. Prizes for this contests not always but normally are larger and possible beside cash prizes could lead to baby modeling for the company and commercials.

Local Baby Contests

These type of contests are not very well known because they are ran locally in your city or town. You often learned about these baby contests from reading your local papers or heard it from a neighbor or friend. Prizes for these contests are varies but usually smaller, not always the case. There could be big prizes too. Remember, these are usually a lot of fun because they are local.