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Well... at least for now. The Gerber baby photo contest usually start sometimes in the fall and winners will be announces in the beginning of the year. Learn more

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Learn How To Win Baby Photo Contests With 3 Simple Tips

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While we can’t guarantee you’ll win but we can help you maximize your baby potential of winning a baby contest. Here are three simple tips and tricks that can get you better results.

  1. Increase Your Odds
  2. Natural – Everyone Loves Genuine
  3. A Professional Practice

Increase Your Odds

Win BabyA friend of mine once blankly saying that he wished he’ll win the California’s lottery. I asked him. “How much did you buy?” He answered that he doesn’t buy lottery tickets because he doesn’t play. “Huh”? Yep, that’s his was his answered. It’s crazy. How can you win if you don’t even buy a ticket? What is his chance of winning? ZERO. If you hoping your baby will win a contest but you never submitted any photo to any baby contest then what is your chance of winning?

The hardest part is submitting that first baby photo to a baby photo contest. It’s always the first one that’s the hardest and scariest but exciting. And that first baby photo you entered just gave your baby a winning chance. Don’t stop that keep increasing your odds by entering and submitting to as many baby contests you can find.

Each contest you’ve entered your baby will give him or her another shot at winning a baby contest.

The worse thing can happened is NOTHING. But look on the bright side, you can tell your baby in a few years when he is all grown that you are proud to be his parent. You thought that he is the cutest baby in the world. You even entered him in a bunch of photo contests when he was a baby.

Natural – Everyone Loves Genuine

Baby in Natural EnvironmentBabies in there natural environment are the cutest. You see your baby do the unbelievable cute stuff when you least expected. They are as natural as they can be when they are just having fun. Remember, a cheerful baby is a healthy baby.

Leave them alone. Don’t make them feel like they have to be cute for the camera. Other words, instead of having them post for the winning photos you have the camera ready at all time to capture the moments. That’s not easy and with that will bring us to our next baby contest winning tips.

A Professional Practice

This is the the line of increasing your odds but the chance for a great photo that will be the cover of a magazine. Submit that cover photograph to a baby photo contest and wow the judges.

Not only that you have to be ready to capture the moments but do it as much as possible because you don’t know when that precious moments will comes. The take-a-way here is photograph, photograph and photograph. You should never stop taking pictures of your darling little ones. The professionals take hundreds if not thousands of photographs before it is then submitted to be the cover of a magazine.

Baby Modeling Agencies VS. Baby Photo Contests

Don’t think for once that baby picture contests are too minor to get your baby or kid started in the entertainment industry. It’s not about finding baby modeling agencies or even beauty pageants. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as submitting a picture to a baby contest can bring your baby fame, even huge cash prizes or better yet, a nice college fund.

Just like the story of a charcoal drawing adorable little baby that became the face everyone recognizes and also become a trademark. Yep, Gerber. The company now holding an annual photo contest for babies that grand prize winner will take home a nice $50,000. Plus, opportunities for featuring in TV commercials and magazines. But remember, you don’t have to overlooked these smaller photo contests or only have your eyes fixed on big baby pageants. Often times, winning that first baby photo contest lead to baby modeling and pageants.

Baby picture contests is a much cheaper (even free) and easier way then looking for a baby modeling agency. Especially now that you have the internet which is a powerful tool to find baby contest all across the U.S. and beyond.

Why Join A Baby Photo Contest?

There are several advantages in joining especially when your entry wins. Winners usually receive a cash prize and supplies. This cash prize usually is big enough to sustain for your baby’s college education and may have a little more for extras. So why not join and find a better way to save up money for your little one’s future?

Because baby photo contests are usually conducted by baby companies, winners are expected to endorse the company’s products. If you are thinking about having your child enter the entertainment business then Gerber baby photo contests can be your first step. We’re pretty sure your baby has all the qualities that these companies are looking for.

There are many baby contests and many different ways to find them. You can find some in print ads at the supermarket or the mall. You can even choose the most convenient way like, the internet. All you have to do is to register your baby first and read the guidelines of the contest. Make sure that you will be able to meet with all the contest guidelines before you register your baby and submit a photo.

When You Have Decided To Enter A Baby Photo Contest

First thing you do is to think about a unique concept for your photos. Of course you would need a camera to snap photos of your little star. If you don’t have any background on photography then read up on some taking great picture tips first. For example, how to get the best angle with the best lighting? How to adjust lighting to get a good quality of photo. And so on.

Make sure that your photo is of good quality before sending your entry.

Activities like this can boost your child’s self-confidence as you make them feel that they can be little professionals too. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get your camera out! Capture your little one’s every special moment.

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